• Forex Trading Introduction: An introductory course that covers the basics of forex trading, including an overview of the forex market, currency pairs, and basic trading terminology.
  • Price Action Trading: This course focuses on analyzing price charts and understanding the patterns and formations that can help traders make trading decisions.


  • Trading Strategies: This course delves into different trading strategies, including trend following, breakout trading, and range trading. It discusses how to develop and implement effective trading strategies based on market conditions. Smart Money Concepts,Liquidity Grabs.
  • Trading Psychology: This course focuses on the psychological aspects of trading, including managing emotions, developing discipline, and maintaining a proper mindset for successful trading.


  • Advanced Trading Techniques: This course covers advanced trading techniques, including advanced chart patterns, advanced technical indicators, and advanced risk management strategies.
  • Algorithmic Trading: This course introduces the concept of algorithmic trading and teaches how to develop and implement automated trading systems using programming languages and trading platforms.